Download Video Instagram, a versatile Instagram downloader, effortlessly supports video, photo, Reels, stories, and IGTV downloads. Enjoy free, high-quality downloads to your phone and computer. Conveniently access Instagram videos via web browsers—no software installation needed. Compatible with Android, iOS, and iPhone devices, offering a seamless experience for users.

Utilize our Instagram downloader seamlessly on web browsers for HD photo and video downloads—no software installation required. Compatible with all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge) and devices, including PC, tablet, iPhone, and Android, ensuring a versatile and efficient downloading experience across platforms.

Download Video Instagram - Best Tool Instagram Downloader

Download Video Instagram, a swift Instagram downloader, swiftly retrieves high-quality content from Instagram within seconds. Optimal for downloading Instagram content, third-party platforms like Download Video Instagram provide a seamless experience. With millions of daily photo uploads on Instagram, the app stands as the planet's most popular photo application, necessitating a reliable Instagram video downloader for immediate use.

Features of Instagram Downloader:

Fast, Easy, and Secure Instagram Video Download:

Swift and secure download experience for Instagram videos.

No Login Required:

Skip the login process; download without logging into your Instagram account.

One-Click Download:

Effortlessly download Instagram videos and pictures with a simple button click.

Preserve Original Resolution and Quality:

Save and download videos and photos in their original resolution and quality.

Download from Personal Accounts:

Ability to save and download Instagram videos from personal accounts.

How to save from Instagram with Download Video Instagram

Important: Downloaded IG videos or photos must originate from a publicly accessible Instagram account to ensure compatibility and access.

  • Step 01

Duplicate the URL of Instagram photos and videos for various purposes, such as sharing or downloading, with ease and efficiency.

  • On the Instagram app:

Tap to retrieve Instagram photo URL (iOS) or copy Instagram URL (Android) above the post, then select "Copy Share URL" to save to clipboard.

  • On the PC / Mac:

For desktop Instagram video download, right-click on the date of the video or photo, then select "Copy Link Address."

  • Step 02

Insert the URL into DownloadVideoInstagram.Net text box above for easy Instagram downloading.

  • Step 03

Click the "Download" button to initiate the Instagram video download process effortlessly.

All features of DownloadVideoInstagram.Net

Download Video Instagram accommodates various Instagram video and image links, providing versatile support for different content types across the platform.

Instagram video downloader

Download Video Instagram was designed to facilitate the download of your own Instagram videos. It supports video downloads for select content and a wide range of videos from Instagram, enhancing flexibility in acquiring and saving diverse video content from the platform.

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram photo downloader

Effortlessly save Instagram photos or collages using the Download Video Instagram Instagram Photo Downloader. This tool ensures easy download of individual post images and multiple Instagram photos, providing a convenient solution for users seeking to store and collect visual content from the platform.

Instagram Photo Downloader

Download Instagram Reels

Download Video Instagram's Instagram Reels Downloader facilitates easy downloading of Reels videos from Instagram posts, providing a solution when Instagram lacks this feature. This tool ensures a straightforward and efficient method for users to save and access Reels content directly to their devices, overcoming limitations imposed by the platform.

Download Instagram Reels

IGTV downloader

For extended IGTV videos, ensure uninterrupted viewing by downloading them to your computer. With this feature, watch at your convenience without the need for a network connection or worry about IGTV deletion, ensuring the flexibility to return and view content at a later time.


Instagram Story Download

Instagram stories offer a distinct avenue for sharing daily life through photos and videos. When the app lacks a feature to archive liked stories, Download Video Instagram steps in. Designed to address this gap, it enables users to download Instagram stories, ensuring easy access and online viewing for a seamless storytelling experience.


Instagram Private Downloader

Download Instagram photos and videos privately with IGDownloader. It supports downloading videos even from private accounts, with detailed instructions provided.

Instagram Private Downloader


Saveinsta stands as a versatile and user-friendly solution, offering a seamless experience for downloading and preserving cherished Instagram content. With its capability to download various content types in high quality, cross-platform compatibility, and a simple interface, Saveinsta caters to the needs of both casual and avid Instagram users. Whether you aim to save favorite photos, videos, create backups, or access content from private accounts, Saveinsta proves reliable and versatile. Its efficient web application streamlines the download process, empowering users to create offline archives of their most treasured Instagram moments effortlessly. Saveinsta is indeed a valuable companion for Instagram enthusiasts.


Q. What is SaveInsta?

SaveInsta, an Instagram Downloader, offers limitless access to a diverse toolkit for downloading Instagram content. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of downloading videos, photos, reels, display pictures, and IGTV. SaveInsta stands out as an accessible and efficient solution for users seeking to download a variety of content from the platform with ease.

Q. Do you have to sign in using your Instagram account?

No login required; Saveinsta doesn't request information. Safely and anonymously download anything from Instagram without compromising privacy or security.

Q. Is it possible to directly save videos on Instagram?

Regrettably, Instagram prohibits downloading feed videos and others' stories. Fortunately, you have us; visit [base_url] and follow the provided instructions.

Q. Is there a charge for the Download Instagram Video & Photo service?

Free of charge, this service imposes no download restrictions, providing unlimited access for users without any constraints or limitations.

Q. Is it possible to download from a private Instagram account?

Download Videos, Stories, and Photos from your private Instagram account. Follow the instructions for seamless access to your content.

Q. Is it possible to save Instagram stories?

View and download any Instagram story by tapping ⁝, selecting Copy Link, and pasting the link into Saveinsta for download.

Q. Can the website facilitate downloading from Instagram on computers?

Certainly, effortlessly download videos, photos, stories, and scroll on PC. Explore the option to download from Insta on your computer.

Q. Is it possible to download from Instagram on Android?

Absolutely, copy the post link, paste it on our website, and save. For details, check how to download from Insta on Android.

Q. How can I download Instagram videos, photos, and reels on iPhone/iPad (iOS)?

Explore our step-by-step guide for downloading any video to your iPhone or iPad. Follow this link: Download Instagram Videos on iPhone.

Q. Why is the Instagram video playing instead of downloading?

Resolve this by right-clicking instead of left-clicking. Choose Save As... and select your preferred location to save the video.

Q. Where can I find my saved video after completing the download?

Android and PC typically store videos in the Downloads folder, making it the default location for saving downloaded content.